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New York Sept 15th 2014

Hello my Friends !

Very Very sorry for the silence the past few weeks but it has been more then hectic and its very difficult to predict mass payments like this but ALL OK !!

The first batches of capital is in the Bank Swift system and is being transferred as we speak...

There has been some disturbing events in regards to threats at our offices and thats why we have been very busy, but nothing we cant handle of course and are doing it as we speak together with the local authorities....Im going to let Joshua write about that later in the week about whats happened here...

We are all go 100% and we have of course stopped for new members but we can accept Investment a few days more as we are all up to speed even though you havent had an answer to support issues, , please stand by with that as all is ok..

Give it a few days and more News from Joshua and stay awake for the transfers !!

God Bless you All


New York, August 19th 2014

Dear Friends

Things are moving along nicely here at the new offices but we have had some security issues we have had to sort out. Nothing that we cant handle of course as we have all the necessary contacts for this.

It turned out that we had a group of  people in our member database that is listed on a very specific "terror list" that we have access to and that is very serious of course, especially since we will have many people coming here. But as stated, nothing to worry about and we have access to all the things needed to deal with issues like this. Its just that we had to improve the security measures here even further and of course had to make sure that these individuals doesnt arrive here.

With that being said we have now been granted to use the following alternative which is  fantastic news... It is now time for you to send us an email in regards to the Bank Account you want your 10% deposited into.

What we need is the following:

Your IBAN Account number with Bank Name and Bank Adress and also the SWIFT/BIC Code to your Bank

Your Username in EMS and Full Name as on KYC ID and Your Home Address.

This email must ONLY be sent to !!


We know that many are still waiting for their exchanges to come through for the Investments so it is no problem for us to extend a few more days as we know that we are on track with it all. So Saturday Aug 30th we draw the line....Please note that there is no extension in the Sept payout that date is still on !!

More very very soon.....

Joshua and Euclid


Aug 8th  New York

Hi Guys !

Short update....PLEASE ! Do not send copies of your email to support as that only increases the workload for the staff...We are about 3 days behind now on updating and all accounts should be updated by Tuesday Aug 12th. By that time we will have a News Letter out as well with more info. What we can prepare you for is that we have been authorized now to 100% to pay out your 10% to your personal Bank Account which is great News !  That saves us all a lot of time...What you need to send us will be stated in the Newsletter that will be out next week....Stay tuned !!


July 17th   New York

Dear Friends !

Thank you all very much for your support and comments the last few weeks in regards to our plans for you here in New York in a few months time.
We are about 2 days behind on updating all of your accounts with investments and KYC issues, so we are actually ahead of schedule on this.
Because of this quick work from our admin staff and also because we have seen a lot of interest in trying to achieve the 4 for 1 deal with +1000 shares, it has been agreed upon to extend the 3 for 1 offer until August 20th.
So if you yourself Or a group of people are interested in trying to aim for the 4 for 1 deal please send us an email and request this and we will give you further instructions.

So great News for all of you that was worried about not making it in time for July 25th ! :)

Progress with the offices is great but we are a bit behind on the security issues which is the most important issue really. For those of you that never have been to NY or the US for that matter, we have security check points almost like "Airport security". This is absolutely necessary when it comes to the business we are dealing with here, and we are pretty sure that the Media will get a hold of what we are planning so thats something we have to deal with as well.

More info to follow on the 10% payout which is being implemented as we speak. So dont worry about not getting any info as of now. We need to have it 100% in order before the info goes out.

Have a Blessed weekend all my Friends !

Joshua Millard


New York June 15th 2014

Good Morning Everybody !

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend  and that you and your loved ones are Healthy and Blessed.

Firstly I would just like to inform you that the Forex Trade was compounded last month as well due to the fact that we havent come to an agreement yet with the new trading entity we are using, Im hoping to have this in place in July. The result of May was 11,7% so congrats to all thats in this Investment on that..Still possible to enter at minimum investment of 2000 Dollar... June is looking good as well and halfway into the month we are at 7,2% !

Investment to PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639.

With that being said...

Im writing this at 7AM on this absolutely Fantastic morning here in New York City ! Its Summer Time, a temperature of about 70F. As Im sitting in one of our rooms here at the new offices on Upper East Side looking out at Central Park, which we can see from our Office, it is with a great sense of relief, excitement, inner peace, happiness and Im proud really that we are now so close to invite you all here. We will get to SEE  all of you and to finally get a face to all of the names in our database. We can look at each other, speak face to face about our journeys over these years, good and bad of course, but at the end of the day we will all start to live the life we deserve and have worked towards for so many years.

We have booked some nice activities for you all in Central Park that includes Fine Dining at the Boat House which will take some planning of course due to the number of people here at every occasion, we plan to have 800 people here for every "section" of the payout...Please dont ask, more info on that later .. We are also preparing for some Broadway entertainment for you all with 2 choices of Musicals and we are trying to arrange for you all to experience a Studio Recording of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon as well...And please....dont attempt to contact and verify anything as nothing has been booked until we know the final dates for All of you.

We will of course take the Liberty Island Ferry out to visit the Statue of Liberty and after that Im personally going to tour you on my very own "home turf" Wall Street which is just walking distance on lower Manhattan (even though we will go in buses) from when we arrive back from Liberty Island.

I just wanted you all to get a nice feel of what awaits you over here and all this is on HCI25/EMS expense of course, even though you will be able to afford this yourself by then :)

Also, we had a special request from one of our larger groups of Investors that we know for a fact have been very active with us and supported us through the years. It was agreed and approved by us that if the group bought 1000 shares in total it would give them as a group 4 for 1 instead of 3 for 1. So just to inform you all and if you are a part of a larger group of investors with HCI25 or EMS, just let us know by email that you intend to invest in +1000 shares and we will arrange for that with some special instructions from us.

Things are moving along nicely here and we have spent the last few weeks with security issues, making sure we have the appropriate staff inhouse but also out on the different venues we intend to visit. Preparations are huge and takes time but we are all on track !

The security issue brings me on to another subject I would like to share with you and I have gotten the permission from our dear friend Euclid to do this...

As we mentioned Euclid was off again due to illness..The complete story of it is this and I will make it short... Euclid was at the end of last year in a dinner meeting here in New York, it wasnt strictly business and it had nothing to do with EMS or HCI25, just a nice formal meeting.

Later on that night he was approached by some individuals and a conversation started after they introduced themselfs, of course Euclid isnt here to hide anything so he presented himself with his name of course. At the end of this night Euclid ended up in hospital after being assaulted and suffered a broken arm and nose.....Now, the arm and nose is one thing but that isnt really what this was about...The individual who did was a member of HCI25 and he found  that he had to "let Euclid know" that "we should not do this to the members"

The member that did this is actually on speaking terms with Euclid now and they actually do get along. This is the kind of an individual Euclid is..It wasnt Euclid this man attacked..It was the entire situation with HCI25 and delays along the way that made him cross the line.

This is one of the reasons NONE of the HCI25 or EMS staff are allowed to meet up with anyone really at this point in time. It is also one of the reasons we are putting together the security team we are doing....Lets end with this and rest assured that Euclid is perfectly alright but has some restrictions in regards to where he is allowed to move around.


Small reminder about the KYC, make sure you have arranged for your NP stamp, if not we can assist you with that at a cost of 65 Dollars. The 3 for 1 deal in shares is still on and we plan to have that until July 25th at least and at that point in time it could be that we shut down completely for further investments, that depends on the admin work load behind the scenes..

Gold Trust Entity to participate in the EMS RPP payout is 98 Dollar and that includes one share, promotion now is buy 1 additional share get 3 updated in your back office, this will go on until at least July 25th. Every share is 38 Dollar.
We advice you all to be as active as possible the last few weeks left of registering and Investing so you all make sure nobody is left out from this opportunity.

It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity this so make sure that all of your friends, relatives, coworkers at least are informed about this so that they wont approach you after the payout asking why they werent informed. We have seen this happen before in Offline payouts and the friendship some had took a turn for the opposite...At least inform them my friends..

Also, and I think I have stretched this before, Once you have been in an Offline RPP you Wont be able to participate in another again !! This is because of the amount being paid out to the Investors and if they where allowed to go in again, they would most likely book the entire RPP before anyone else due to the capital they gained before. Please remember that this is an opportunity that all should be allowed to have and thats why this rule was created amongst the Offline RPP that have paid out in the past.

Lets hope we still have some "after summer heat" here later in the fall when you all come here to enjoy the payout and the activities we have in place for all of you, Im sure you will make a lot of new friends here that will enjoy the payout together with You !!

More updates very soon again !


New York , May 26th  2014

My Dear Friends/Investors

NOTE…This is the News we have sent out through our internal email system as well. If you havent received it it is because of Our email security system. So we most likely have your email registered anyway. So don’t worry if you havent received this in your email inbox. To be on the safe side I want all of you members out there to send this News Letter to your contacts as well so we make sure that nobody misses the payout now as that would of course be disastrous for the people missing this once in a life time opportunity.

I hope that the last couple of weeks have been good and that you all are as excited as we are over here whilst we are walking the corridors of the new Offices waiting to welcome you all here to finalize what we all have been working towards for so many years now. The paint on the walls are still wet and I can inform you it has a yellow/orange theme on it :)

I hope I will be able to post some pictures for the next newsletter. This is a discussion with our security team really as we cant disclose the exact location as of yet for the reason that we know we would have visitors outside standing in line just a few hours after we disclose it.

That’s why we have offered the transportation as well from your Hotel and this will be done in a special way as well which you will be informed about in written material that will be placed in your room. With that being said…. When you have booked your hotel (either its your choice of hotel or the ones we will offer soon at discounted rates, you need to send an email to , state in the subject line of the email hotel name and your name so we have this registered for the info to be sent there.

It has been an overwhelming ride to say the least and for us that are working in the Financial Industry it has been a great learning experience from these many events/changes as well and we are already preparing for the next Offline RPP when we have completed this one.

An Offline RPP has been executed many many times before as we have spoken about over the years. We at HCI25/EMS has 9 of them successfully paid out in total over our more then 30 years in this business, so rest assured that No issues that we were facing in regards to an Online RPP wont happen in regards to an Offline RPP. It is so much more different, it is two totally different products really even though it doesnt look like it, but behind the scenes it is a big difference.


Please keep in mind that when you have received the confirmation email from support you are all set in regards to the support enquiry you sent. This means that all is ok even though you see yellow, red or green lights for the KYC. Also make sure that you have your KYC notarized and if you have problems getting that we can assist you with it at the cost of $65 payable to our PM or C-Gold account. If that is paid you are all set as well and don’t need to worry about getting your Passport/ID notarized.

The “buy 1 get 3 shares” offer has been a great success of course so make sure you dont miss that before it expires on July 25th. As always payment to PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639

We want to say that it COULD BE that we close for purchase of more shares After July 25th. This isnt something that has been decided upon yet and depends on what kind of progress we have made with other admin work that is essential to prepare before you all arrive here. Just keep that in mind if you’re thinking of investing further and are introducing others as well.

So 10 shares bought at $380 will actually give you 30 shares in your back office valued at $1140 !!

Payout as stated before will be in Gold and the value right now in both of the RPP&undefined;s (HCI/EMS) put together is about 74,500 US Dollar per share. So 10 shares invested is 745,000 Dollar and with the 3 for 1 deal you will actually be paid 2,235,000 Dollar for an Investment of 380 Dollar. Please take the amount of 74,500 as an example now, , it could be down towards 70-71,000 but also be up towards 77-78,000...So no need to ask questions about that.

So rest assured when I say once again that we Will see a payout. I can also say that with a 100% certainty that we will Never see an Online RPP being able to pay out and work properly. So if you are ever faced with this again from Any company please trust us when we say it wont work, I know that as you read this many of the failed RPPs that has tried are trying to do the set up we are doing now and it could be that it works but it is at least 24-36 months away from any of the other companies if they want to do it correct as they have never been in the Offline RPP business before as we have seen in making research about them.

We are very lucky here my friends that we have been granted this opportunity to execute this RPP/PFRPP in an Offline mode and for you all to come here and finish the payout process to your Gold Trust Account.

So it is even more important that you all understand the magnitude of this payout. There wont be anything similar to this again so make sure you are in now and don’t forget to tell your friends/family/co-workers etc , as we have seen before in other successful payouts the massive disappointment from the people that was left out simply because they weren’t informed about the opportunity.

Dont forgot to read the other News Letters we have sent out the last 4-5 months to stay updated...

Next Newsletter will contain a little more detailed info on whats going to happen here in New York and the events around this with Media coverage etc.

Make sure you dont miss your last investments now as we could stop on July 25th..

Take care of each other out there

God Bless

Joshua and Euclid