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New York  March 3rd  2014


Dear Client/Investor


Thank you all for the great support you have shown in these difficult times once again and Im then referring to the difficulty many of you out there are facing in terms of financial stress. Im sure it cant be easy to have this struggle on a daily basis and it sure doesnt help with delays in regards to a successful and painless payout. Im so pleased and relieved to see so many of you now being understanding and supportive about all this and many have now understood the complexity of this which in the end will only benefit all of you.


Let me be a little clearer now when the first "chock" has settled.


We started to notice resistance/problems/issues already back in December but hadnt given up on the "Online" execution of the RPP, PFRPP, LDTP payout. During the course of the last 4 months we have learned more and that goes for the authorities as well, that an Online investment like this will most likely never happen due to the extremely high risk for money laundry.

Thats why it feels even more rewarding that we now are in a position to actually be the first "Online" RPP ever to pay out but through the "Offline" procedure (please read last newsletter about that) instead, this is of course something that we already have done 4 times over the years in this business.

You have my absolute guarantee that this cant be stopped and Im so relieved and pleased that we could continue on this path with doing it "the old fashioned way", which has been proven to work already of course.

The new KYC procedure has proven more difficult to execute then we had expected and this is mainly because that people arent aware of the Notary procedure that takes place at your local Notarius Publicus. So, to not make this an issue not to move forward with your payout we have been granted permission to assist anyone that would like to get this of their hands.

This is mainly paperwork that needs to be done so that nobody would be held responsible in regards to any suspicion about money laundry. Our lawyers have been given the go ahead to sort out any ID/Passport out there at a cost of 65 Dollars to Notarize your ID/Passport for you.

This is actually cheaper then what your local Notarius Publicus would charge. So please note that this is an option for you now but it isnt mandatory of course, its simply an option for you. Normal payment to PM (U4121947) or C-Gold (19639) applies just like before, state your username in the memo field and that the payment is for "NP".

If you choose that option you dont need to do anything really more then to make sure you have your ID/Passport in your back office already or have emailed it to us before.


Now, we Have opened to new members again so please go ahead and tell your friends about this opportunity once again and if you&undefined;re a member already you can add on with as many extra shares as you want. There is no limitation to the number of shares you can hold. The initial package is still 98 Dollar and that includes 1 Share, , any other extra shares are 38 Dollars each.

We will continue with our promotion as well but it is time limited, which means from March 5th to June 5th (3 Months) you will get "2 for 1"  So buy 8 shares and you will get updated with a total of 16 shares in your back office !

All necessary info about the PFRPP here:

To sum it up...

EMS Gold Trust Package is 98 Dollar

Extra Shares is 38 Dollars (Promotion March 5th-June 5th, "2 for 1")

To get help with the NP stamp is 65 Dollar and then you wont have to bother visiting your own local NP (Notarius Publicus)


Payment to PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639


Send email to upon any transaction for your confirmation.

Please make sure that your support enquiries are related AND limited to any transactions made. Our support staff has enough as it is. Any other, that we consider, no relevant enquiries/questions will not be answered  to lack of time. We hope you understand this.


Please make sure to read the last News Letter as well to stay updated and informed.


All the best to All of You, Your Friends and Family and God Bless


Euclid Diodorus           Joshua Millard


New York Feb 13th 2014

My Dear Friends/Investors

More challenges, More obstacles (which we will remove of course), but more importantly more lessons learned. Im sure that our Great but late founder of HCI25 Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash would agree with us all that these past 6-7 years have been the most challenging in the companies 30 Year History ! We are there with the cash "in hand" to all but so much bureaucracy  is involved and many Financial Licenses is at stake if just the smallest thing goes wrong.

As mentioned all is clear and ready to pay out but it cant be paid out as we initially thought and this is new to all parts, incl SEC, ECB and other authorities that has been involved.

I wont go into details but the main thing is the KYC, its approval, and what we are allowed to pay out with the KYC system we have right now.

We have great experience in Offline RPP&undefined;s and thats no problem as we get to meet the person investing face to face. Online RPP has been a totally different experience for sure, but we are getting there now to the first successful Online RPP.

We have been granted to pay out 10% of the total amount due to you, so for example, if u have 10 share in HCI25/EMS the amount is about 650,000 Dollars (not this amount exactly of course but keep in mind its just an example) 65,000 Dollar will be paid into your EMS Gold Trust Entity and from there you will be able through Internet Bank transfer that 10% into your own personal bank account.
The idea with this 10% is for you to use to fly to New York ! This is why we h

About our news
We would like to share the information about our website and company structure with you.

We want to give you a picture on how the world economy works, and how our business progress.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you’d like, but please look through the site first, you might find the answer to your question in here.

This section will be updated on a regular basis.
Special announcment

ID/Passport does NOT need to be in color....Bland and White is ok...sorry for any confusion.....New Update in the News Section will be out March 4th.

In regards to the Forex Trade, , as explained in the last news letter this is compounded for Dec and Jan and will be compounded until at least April. This is due to a new Guaranteed Offer we will start with during the summer. So all ok and the result has been added to your Investment.



Good Morning From Dubai

Just a short note to inform you all that we have now sat down with the Management of the Issuing Bank and are discussing the final details about the Gold Entity Trusts and the execution of these as it is the largest and most complex execution of Trusts ever being made in history.
All is looking good my friends even though i know some of you out there have had problems funding C-Gold or PM. Im sure you will all make it in time.

More to come very soon !!



Dear Friends !

We are a little behind in regards to support issues but plan to be on track again before the end of the weekend...Small news update during the weekend as well in regards to the work being done


News Update posted in the News Section...


Busy Busy ! :)  Please stay tuned for news update in the weekend !

Even though the news have been slow there is many things happening..



Update in the News Section...


Forex Trade result for January is 12.4% ! 

Payment to LR has been made so have a look... 

NOTE !!!  The Forex investment Will stop on Feb. 24th as well !! This due to legal reasons when we go into a Private Club Mode as of this date with no more members being allowed to register..So make sure you have invested before that closes as well.

And last weeks lucky draw winner is username......fanitivest !!  Congrats and $1500 is due to your LR account shortly...

New update in the news section and new scheduled meetings, , we are making fantastic progress my friends !!

Stay Tuned !!


Last weeks lucky draw winner is........username  moimoi !!  Big Congrats to Scandinavia for that. $1500 is added to your LR account..see below for participation rules. An update from Mr.Millard about the IMF and FED meetings will come tomorrow...Things are looking Great !!  Get your reservation and purchases in today !!


In the await of the payout we have have started a weekly "contest" for our active members. If you invest 5 contracts in the PP or 3 Units in the LDTP you will automatically be in a lucky draw of a cash price of $1500. This weeks winner is csggreen7, , Congrats !
New winner to be presented next weekend amongst our active members. Dont forget to read the latest newsletter in the news section.


Some changes in dates and relevant info is out in the news letter section now....

We all hope that your New Years celebrations was nice and pleasant..

Yours Truly



Newsletter from Mr.Millard in the News Section area.

Even though its a couple of days early let me (Jacob) also wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Any support related issues will not be answered on the 25th and 26th, business as normal again on the 27th.


Newsletter out in the News section area now.

GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN ON EMAIL TO THE SUPPORT STAFF IN REGARDS TO HOW MANY CONTRACTS YOU WANT TO HOLD IN YOUR ACCOUNT...260 Units in the LDTP left to reserve... All the Forex Traders Investors have now received their December ROI into their LR accounts. 7,4% has been paid unless you have the 7% guaranteed return..

Stay tuned my friends.....


Available jobs at HCI
We have a couple of Job opportunities that we need to fill in January and February.

This is within support and Senior Manager for Bond Trading.

If interested, please send your resumé to

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