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2014-10-22 NY date

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Yes, of course. We are still here...Very sorry once again for the silence...We are awaiting crucial info from different authorities and they include Money Laundry, ISIS, Threats that we have received to our offices...I can assure YOU ALL that all is Go !  BUT...certain things needs to be sorted that we couldnt plan for...We might change the number of people as well coming here at one time from 800 people down to 250 people, , this is also a security measure due to the threats we received...Please stay tuned and stay safe..A lengthy response from Mr Millard is out very very soon...

God Bless You All



Please stay tuned for Newsletter this weekend !  A LOT of progress behind the scenes and we are right on track with all activities. Sorry for any miscommunication amongst our Staff in regards to PM and C-Gold Accounts. We are still using the same account as you can read about in the latest newsletters in that section.



ID/Passport does NOT need to be in color....Bland and White is ok...sorry for any confusion.....New Update in the News Section will be out March 4th.

In regards to the Forex Trade, , as explained in the last news letter this is compounded for Dec and Jan and will be compounded until at least April. This is due to a new Guaranteed Offer we will start with during the summer. So all ok and the result has been added to your Investment.



Good Morning From Dubai

Just a short note to inform you all that we have now sat down with the Management of the Issuing Bank and are discussing the final details about the Gold Entity Trusts and the execution of these as it is the largest and most complex execution of Trusts ever being made in history.
All is looking good my friends even though i know some of you out there have had problems funding C-Gold or PM. Im sure you will all make it in time.

More to come very soon !!



Dear Friends !

We are a little behind in regards to support issues but plan to be on track again before the end of the weekend...Small news update during the weekend as well in regards to the work being done


News Update posted in the News Section...


Busy Busy ! :)  Please stay tuned for news update in the weekend !

Even though the news have been slow there is many things happening..



Update in the News Section...


Forex Trade result for January is 12.4% ! 

Payment to LR has been made so have a look... 

NOTE !!!  The Forex investment Will stop on Feb. 24th as well !! This due to legal reasons when we go into a Private Club Mode as of this date with no more members being allowed to register..So make sure you have invested before that closes as well.

And last weeks lucky draw winner is username......fanitivest !!  Congrats and $1500 is due to your LR account shortly...

New update in the news section and new scheduled meetings, , we are making fantastic progress my friends !!

Stay Tuned !!


Last weeks lucky draw winner is........username  moimoi !!  Big Congrats to Scandinavia for that. $1500 is added to your LR account..see below for participation rules. An update from Mr.Millard about the IMF and FED meetings will come tomorrow...Things are looking Great !!  Get your reservation and purchases in today !!


In the await of the payout we have have started a weekly "contest" for our active members. If you invest 5 contracts in the PP or 3 Units in the LDTP you will automatically be in a lucky draw of a cash price of $1500. This weeks winner is csggreen7, , Congrats !
New winner to be presented next weekend amongst our active members. Dont forget to read the latest newsletter in the news section.


Some changes in dates and relevant info is out in the news letter section now....

We all hope that your New Years celebrations was nice and pleasant..

Yours Truly



Newsletter from Mr.Millard in the News Section area.

Even though its a couple of days early let me (Jacob) also wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Any support related issues will not be answered on the 25th and 26th, business as normal again on the 27th.


Newsletter out in the News section area now.

GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN ON EMAIL TO THE SUPPORT STAFF IN REGARDS TO HOW MANY CONTRACTS YOU WANT TO HOLD IN YOUR ACCOUNT...260 Units in the LDTP left to reserve... All the Forex Traders Investors have now received their December ROI into their LR accounts. 7,4% has been paid unless you have the 7% guaranteed return..

Stay tuned my friends.....


Available jobs at HCI
We have a couple of Job opportunities that we need to fill in January and February.

This is within support and Senior Manager for Bond Trading.

If interested, please send your resumé to

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